It's Time to Start Your Adventures

Why Choose Reharmonize Therapy and Wellness

Unlike rigid, traditional therapy, Reharmonize Therapy and Wellness offers a safe space for Highly Sensitive People and modern mystics that is adaptive to each client’s needs.

As your therapist I will compassionately and non-judgmentally hold space for you, as you travel the path to greater self-understanding.

Depending on your needs I may take a Psychodynamic approach to highlight the patterns at play in your life and their history; a Mindful approach to help you gain greater insight into the self, develop self-compassion, and find space from suffering; a Somatic approach to release trauma stored in the body, develop a stronger mind-body connection, and heal the nervous system; and/or a Holistic Arts approach to uncover new insights and tap into the unconscious.

My Work and Goals for Clients

I work with women who are on a mission, but feel stuck, by helping them get off that fence and get things done so they can take their life to the next level!

I am a grounded and motivated individual, and I coach that way. I organize and hold one-on-one sessions, and Facebook group sessions.

Our time together will set you on a path of self-discovery. It will reveal more of what you already know — motivation, action-focused steps, and being held accountable for all those steps.

I always end my sessions on a vibrant note and with an actionable task to accomplish before the next session.