Are You Ready For Change?

About Sonya Molina, LMSW.-- Clinical Mental Health Therapist

A Michigan-native, I received my MSW from the University of Michigan, and I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. From personal experience, I know individuals like me do not fit neatly into traditional mental health practice. I have spent the past year building a unique practice for Highly Sensitive People (HSP) that incorporates the mind, body, and soul.

As a member of a family with deep spiritual roots, I realized from an early age that I was a deeply sensitive and empathic person, an esoteric being with the gift of making everyone around me happy. I am an old soul who is connected to the universe, and all that is around me. I find delight in crystal healing, moon ceremonies, tree bathing and the rituals of the seasons.


I enjoy taking a non-judgemental and collaborative approach to mental health.

I am not a nod and smile therapist. I roll up my sleeves with you, and together we come up with solutions to tackle this thing called life.

As your therapist I will compassionately hold space for you, as you travel the path to greater self-understanding.

As a therapist and educator my approach is highly personalized, integrating innovative, evidence-based techniques to help clients achieve powerful change. I help highly sensitive people and spiritually minded people gain clarity, and discover root problems that hold them back from self-empowerment and happiness by providing somatic and talk therapy.

Sparking The Change Is What It Is ALL About.

Insight is great, but it doesn’t always have you living your life differently. When you work with me, you will take that insight and go deeper for the healing, then take actionable steps in your relationships and daily life. You want more than just understanding “why” you are not reaching your goals and suffer in unfulfilling relationships and work. You want to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! It takes courage, self-awareness, and commitment to want to change. Taking action is already a step towards making a change.