Sonya is the CEO & founder of Reharmonize Coaching and Wellness PLLC, is a global life coach, licensed therapist and yoga instructor.

About Sonya Molina, Life Coach, LMSW.-- Clinical Mental Health Therapist

Not your average coach, I come with a therapist and psychology background that allows me to be the best coach because I have years of training and knowledge of how to help people and motivate them for change.

Specifically I help action-takers who feel stuck, move past her inner critic and re-discover their hidden leadership potential.

Having worked with diverse populations of people, I build rapport quickly allowing my client to discover deep insights that lead to faster goal attainment and success.

As a therapist I was doing great work helping people, but I felt restricted, As a “recovering hider”, I rejected the idea of “shining bright” and being seen. When I transitioned into a profession as a clinical social worker, I found myself hiding even more than ever! Wear this, button up that blouse, talk like this, present yourself like that. The truth is I was sick and tired of hiding, I spent A LOT of time and money on an education to help people where I couldn’t even be myself.


I specialize in helping people shine bright and move past fears that are holding them back from living an authentic happy life.

Any time I step into session, I want to make sure that my intention is to be open, serve and bring value to people. So that they can connect with that energy, and be inspired to take actionable steps to fulfill their BIG goals and dreams.

As your coach I will compassionately hold space for you, as you travel the path to greater self-understanding.

Michigan-native, I received my MSW from the University of Michigan, and I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, I am so am a registered yoga instructor RYT-200. From personal experience, I know individuals like me do not fit neatly into traditional corporate jobs. I have spent the past year building a unique practice for what I call “Fear Crusaders” Those who are ready to face their fears, take action despite it and level up their life, in order to FINALLY live authentically, creatively and courageously!

Sparking The Change Is What It Is ALL About.

Insight is great, but it doesn’t always have you living your life differently. When you work with me, you will take that insight, and transform it into actionable steps in order to move closer to your dream in your daily life and relationships. You want more than just understanding. You want tangible results. You want to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! You want a plan that you can implement. You want to remove that inner-critic that limits you from taking charge. Doing different takes courage, self-awareness, and commitment to hold the goal for change. The first step  towards change, always starts from taking ACTION!

What Does "Reharmonize" Mean?

Life’s purpose can be a mystery, and for many high achieving clients the aimless pursuit of professional fulfillment can lead to dissatisfaction, depression, dissonance, and dis-ease. When we are centered and living from our authentic selves (i.e. mind, body and soul are balanced) we are in harmony with ourselves and with the world around us. Living from our authentic selves allows us to reach our greatest potential in life and live our life’s purpose (i.e. dharma). We embody joy, are more productive and embrace the unknown with confidence and a deep-seated trust in the universe, God, and source. Reharmonize means to bring something back into harmony again. To restore balance or peace of (something). To revise the original way. The idea is that we have been in balance during our moments of harmony and that we have the capacity within us to get back to that optimum state of functioning.