Let your inner light shine

Get clear on your life goals, so that you can live an authentic, happy life and be the person you want to be.

Encouraging ~ Enlightening ~ Empowering ~ Emerging

Are you ready to clear away the blocks and barriers to happiness?

Unlike rigid, traditional therapy, Reharmonize Therapy and Wellness offers a safe space for Highly Sensitive People, accomplished professionals, and modern mystics that is adaptive to each client’s needs.

As an empath myself, I compassionately and non-judgmentally hold space for people, as they travel the path to greater self-understanding, gain clarity, and discover root problems that hold them back from self-empowerment and happiness by providing somatic and talk therapy.

Are you ready to invest your time, money, and energy into finding and living the highest expression of yourself?



Individual Therapy

Proven Approaches That Work. You've tried everything and you're tired of being stuck. You know what's not working and sometimes you know what needs to change, but eventually you seem to come back to the same painful place. You wonder if real change is possible, and think maybe your problems are unsolvable. Sometimes you feel hopeless, but you don't want to stop trying. You want to believe that a breakthrough is possible.

Groups & Workshops

Provide highly effective life-changing and personalized care. Connecting the mind and body so individuals can lead a more productive, embraced and vibrant life through somatic therapy, breath work, yoga, meditation, EFT, leading to physical and emotional well-being. We’re inherently communal beings, and we’re built for ceremony too — this is one reason the modern world feels so weird to us, there’s no ritual built into it!

About Sonya

As a therapist and educator I help highly sensitive people and spiritually minded people gain clarity, discover root problems that hold them back from self-empowerment and happiness by providing somatic and talk therapy. 

Vision Statement

To inspire and create a more enlightened, harmonious, and purposeful world–one person, one service, and one self- discovery at a time

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